Venous and Lymphatic Diseases

György Hevesy Hall 19 May 2023 08:00 - 09:30

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Chairpersons: Gábor Menyhei, Enrico Ascher

8:00-8:05 Prof. Dr. Enrico Ascher: Home topical oxygen for healing of lower extremities arterial and venous ulcers
8:06-8:14 Prof. Dr. Gábor Menyhei: Venous registries and quality improvement
8:15-8:23 Prof. Zbigniew Krasiński: Interventional treatment of deep vein thrombosis of the upper and lower limbs
8:24-8:32 Prof. Dr. Peter F. Lawrence: Venous aneurysms Current indications and best techniques for repair
8:33-8:41 Prof. Dr. Ákos Koller: Role of fluid dynamic forces on the movement of lymph and activity of lymph vessels
8:42-8:50 Dr. Monika Gloviczki, PhD: Drug and cell based therapies for chronic lymphedema
8:51-8:56 Dr. Balázs Mohos: Imaging modalities for diagnosis and treatment of lymphedema
8:57-9:05 Ass. Prof. Chieh-Han John Tzou: Recent advances in reconstructive lymphatic surgery
9:06-9:14 Dr. Zoltán Jakus: Nucleoside modified mRNA mediated modulation of organ specific lymphatic growth and function in preclinical animal models
9:15-9:30 Discussion Q&A
Prof. Dr. Enrico Ascher
Prof. Dr. Gábor Menyhei
Prof. Zbigniew Krasiński
Prof. Dr. Peter F. Lawrence
Prof. Dr. Ákos Koller
Dr. Monika L. Gloviczki, PhD
Dr. Balázs Mohos
Ass. Prof. Chieh-Han John Tzou
Dr. Zoltán Jakus