Poster presentations on vascular surgery

György Békésy Hall 19 May 2023 13:00 - 14:30

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Chairpesons: Péter Vince Banga, Erica L. Mitchell, Grzegorz Oszkinis

13:00-13:05 Dr. Dóra Babócs: Review: Significance of vascular surgery and endovascular surgery in long-duration spaceflight
13:05-13:10 Dr. Balázs Lengyel: Contralateral carotid occlusion with sufficient Circle of Willis is not associated with a higher incidence of neurologic events during carotid endarterectomy without shunting
13:10-13:15 Dr. Júlia Hoffmann: Successes and pitfalls in A-V fistula surgeries
13:15-13:20 Dr. Nándor Bányai-Kovács: Successful reconstruction of a postoperatively formed CIA pseudoaneurysm with IBD: Case report
13:20-13:25 Dr. Katalin Farkas: Lower extremity arterial disease in hypertensive patients: follow-up results of a Hungarian screening program
13:25-13:30 Dr. Endre Kolossváry: High level of unwarranted clinical variation in the use of lower extremity revascularisation procedures in Hungary (2013-2017)
13:30-13:35 Dr. Endre Kolossváry: Spatial analysis of factors impacting lower limb major amputation rates in Hungary is geography partially destiny?
13:35-13:40 Dr. Krisztina Fendrik: The role of automated, four-limb blood pressure devices equipped with additional functions in the screening for peripheral artery disease
13:45-13:50 Dr. Anja Rappe: An underestimated disease: Overview of Lipedema – pathogenesis, diagnosis, treatment
13:50-13:55 Dr. Enikő Pomozi Direct oral anticoagulants as the first choice of anticoagulation for patients with peripheral artery disease to prevent adverse vascular events; a systematic review and meta-analysis