Hands-on high-fidelity endovascular VR training 1

Seminary Room 0 19 May 2023 13:30 - 14:00

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High-fidelity image-guided endovascular procedural VR training for medical professionals on Mentice HapticRealismTM (hands-on)

The hands-on simulation session will utilize the Mentice platform that enables interventionalists within Neuroradiology, Cardiology, Radiology, including fellows and residents in training and cathlab teams to practice with powerful and accurate force feedback and simultaneous manipulation of double wires/balloons/stents.

From the several options available (e.g. EVAR, TEVAR, TAVI, & Trauma), the session will enable participants to explore the Iliac module.

Presented by Krisztián Kopor (Speeding Ltd)