Graft infection and Varia

György Hevesy Hall 20 May 2023 10:00 - 11:30

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Chairpersons: Barnabás Galambos, Gábor Fazekas, Peter F. Lawrence

10:00-10:08Prof. Dr. Peter F. Lawrence: Aortic graft infection Lessons learned from the vascular low frequency disease consortium
10:09-10:17Dr. Gábor Fazekas: Analysis of decellularized vascular xenograft
10:18-10:26Prof. Dr. Nabil Chakfe, PhD: ESVS guidelines on vascular grafts management
10:27-10:35Prof. Zbigniew Krasiński: Prothesis infections
10:36-10:44Dr. Eva Morava-Kozicz, PhD: When should a vascular specialist ask for a genetic consultation and why
10:45-10:53Dr. Tamas Kozicz, PhD: Mitochondria and vascular senescence
10:54-11:02Dr. Tomas Baltrūnas: Sentante robot which eliminates X ray exposure for medical personnel
11:03-11:08Ass. Prof. Julien Sfeir: Bypass in the leg after failed endo repair Do the results compare to first line bypass
11:09-11:14Dr. Michal Juszynski: High platelet reactivity and low platelet response to aspirin in patients with peripheral arterial disease treated with percutaneous transluminal angioplasty PTA of the arteries of lower limbs
11:15-11:30Discussion Q&A
Prof. Dr. Peter F. Lawrence
Dr. Gábor Fazekas
Prof. Dr. Nabil Chakfe, PhD
Prof. Zbigniew Krasiński
Dr. Eva Morava, Phd
Dr. Tamas Kozicz, PhD
Dr. Tomas Baltrūnas
Ass. Prof. Cassius Iyad Ochoa Chaar