Carotid Varia

Albert Szent-Györgyi Hall 20 May 2023 10:00 - 11:30

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Chairpersons: Peter Gloviczki, Richard Bulbulia

10:00-10:08Prof. Dr. Richard Bulbulia: Selective screening for carotid stenosis
10:09-10:17Prof. Alan Lumsden: Management of carotid body tumors
10:18-10:26Ass. Prof. Piotr Myrcha, PhD: Carotid clamping intolerance Can it be predicted before surgery
10:27-10:35Dr. Zsolt Garami: The benefits of transcranial ultrasound monitoring during carotid interventions
10:36-10:44Dr. Kosmas Paraskevas: Optimal periprocedural antithrombotic treatment in carotid interventions an international multispecialty expert review and position statement
10:45-10:50Dr. Andrea Varga: Preliminary results of early carotid endarterectomy following stroke TIA and analysis of postoperative neurological events related to the anatomy of the circle of Willis
10:51-10:56Dr. Zsófia Czinege: Pulse wave analysis in differing Willis circle variants
10:57-11:02Dr. Piotr Kaszczewski: A novel approach in the assessment of the influence of internal carotid stenosis treatment on cerebral blood flow volume changes in Doppler ultrasonography
11:03-11:08Dr. Ágnes Dóra Sándor: The effect of carotid endarterectomy on cognitive function regarding cerebral hypoperfusion
11:09-11:14Jakub Myrcha: Nickel hypersensitivity in patients who undergo carotid stenting
11:15-11:30Discussion Q&A
Mr. Richard Bulbulia
Prof. Alan Lumsden
Ass. Prof. Piotr Myrcha, PhD
Dr. Zsolt Garami
Dr. Kosmas Paraskevas
Dr. Andrea Varga
Dr. Zsófia Czinege
Dr. Piotr Kaszczewski
Dr. Ágnes Dóra Sándor
Jakub Myrcha