Grand Prix

Grand Prix

A Competition in Advanced Surgical Simulation

To improve technical and cognitive skills of future generations of surgeons, simulation training has gained increasing recognition. For the first time, the SIVS will host an advanced surgical simulation course and competition.

In the structured, hands-on training course and competition, the participants will perform vascular anastomoses in 3D printed models resembling authentic surgical situations. During the course, the performance of the trainees will be continuously monitored, and feedback will be provided to enhance their surgical skills. The competitors will be ranked by expert reviewers, assessing the morphology of the anastomoses and by objective scoring the quality of each anastomosis, using a machine-learning algorithm and computational fluid dynamics. To learn more about the models and the training course, consult

The top three winners will be announced Saturday noon, at the closing ceremony. The winner of the Grand Prix will receive the Peter Gloviczki Trophy for Advanced Surgical Simulation.

The SIVS Grand Prix will also kick off a Grand Prix World Championship in Advanced Surgical Simulation, and the top ten competitors will be ranked among the best surgical trainees, who will compete in similar competitions worldwide.

The simulation course is available to all participants, the SIVS Grand Prix competition is organized for medical students, residents and surgical fellows.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to attend the training course and the competition, win the Grand Prix and rank yourself among the world’s top surgery trainees.

Peter Gloviczki, MD
Péter Sótonyi, MD
Zoltán Szeberin, MD
Enrico Ascher, MD
Symposium Co-Chairs